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MACK Rides

Steel Coasters, Water Rides and Spinning Rides

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As a family business MACK Rides is proud to look back on a 230-year-old history and is today one of the market leaders for the development and construction of amusement park attractions.

SuperSplash from MACK Rides GmbH & Co KG on Vimeo.

Using innovative new developments and customer-oriented ride construction, MACK Rides has always influenced the world of theme park rides like almost no other company. The unique constellation of being a ride manufacturer and park operator allows MACK Rides to develop – from practice, for practice – optimal solutions for our customers. It's exactly this uniqueness that builds the solid foundation of our areas of expertise: quality, reliability, durability, investment security and design.

Mack Amusement Rides

These characteristics have made MACK Rides an international brand where the customers has always been, and will always be our main focus.

Mack Rides

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